Song Accompaniment: Letting the Song Breathe with Jeff Gillett
How to fit the accompaniment to the song, rather than making the song fit the accompaniment: an approach that puts the singer first, and that can be used to improve and enhance the performance whatever your ability. Flashiness and technical brilliance are welcome, as long as they are prepared to know their place! This approach that works at every level of instrumental ability.
10am-11am Saturday Old Town Hall. Admission by donation (£5 recommended).

Playing Duets for tune players with Fran Wade:
for fiddles flutes and concertinas, etc. Ability to read music needed.  In essence the workshop will enable tune players to learn 4 or 5 new tunes from various countries and learn a harmony for each one, just for the simple pleasure of playing in harmony.
11am-12:30 pm   Saturday Old Town Hall. Admission by donation (£5 recommended).


West Country Songs
From the end of the Nineteenth Century up until the present day folk song collectors, including many of the best known, such as Cecil Sharp, Percy Grainger and Sabine Baring-Gould, have covered the West of England thoroughly. In this talk Martin looks at what they have found, particularly in Gloucestershire. An illustrated talk, with examples sung by Martin and Shan Graebe.
1-2pm Old Town Hall,  Saturday. Admission by donation (£5 recommended).


Looking After Your Voice
Your voice is a musical instrument that needs care and maintenance – particularly as we get older. Shan Graebe is a qualified speech and language therapist who has helped many amateur and professional singers to get the best out of their voices and to look after them.
2-3pm  Old Town Hall, Saturday. Admission by donation (£5 recommended).


Morris Workshop
Beginners Cotswold-style morris dancing workshop led by Mike Davis of Ragged & Old Morris, assisted by other members of the side. Suitable for complete novices or anyone interested in learning another tradition. Musician Bob Watkinson.
Sunday 10:30 am-11:30 The Little Vic. Free Admission.  Donations Welcome.

Step Clog Workshop
Introduction to step clog workshop led by Lesley Thackeray of Sabotage Clog, assisted by members of the side.  Suitable for anyone interested in learning step clog. No previous experience necessary.  Musician: Ben Thackeray
Sunday 11:45 am-12:45 The Little Vic. Free Admission.  Donations Welcome.